Firebrand: fire·brand – /ˈfī(ə)rˌbrand/: a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.

We are a spirit and wine distributor located in Tuttle, OK. We distribute mainly Oklahoma produced/owned spirts and wines. We began at the close of 2022 after we heard concern of the way stores, distilleries, wineries and customers were being treated within our great state. Our largest goal is to provide quality service to all involved that has been deserved for so long.

Founders Chris Terry and Marcus Ball decided to start up Firebrand Distribution to give a platform to Oklahoma brands. Marcus a long time firefighter and business owner jumped on board with Chris after learning the need of Oklahoma brands needing representation. Chris has been involved with the liquor industry going on 10 years, working with various distilleries helping produce or just doing designs for labels and marketing. Chris is vastly known for being a professional photographer within the many equestrian events and rodeos in the central US. Chris is often referred to Firebrand Chris as his photography business name is Firebrand 405. Both Marcus and Chris love providing exceptional customer service and a common sense approach to todays issues with the states liquor laws.

Then there is Taylor Anderson. Taylor has been a part of Chris’s photography business Firebrand 405 for going on a decade as a support member. She is heavily involved in the equestrian business and she loves her horses. Taylor came on board for the challenge of helping get the brands well represented and stores taken care of. Taylor is mainly handling Central and Southern Oklahoma Sales. While Marcus and Chris play catch up to her and do deliveries.